Raunchy games miss the point

The orientation camp programmes organised by students at some universities sparked public concern. Are teenagers' moral standards declining? The answer is obvious as the obscene games were quite popular. Some freshmen thought they were harmless. Even the University of Hong Kong's pro-vice- chancellor said dirty jokes were part of the sub-culture of society.

Had the students forgotten what the aim of the orientation camp was? Even if playing sexy games was a fad, it was entirely different from the original aim of letting freshmen familiarise themselves with the campus.

If they think their obscene games are creative and exciting, then it seems to distort the word 'creative' as they just imitated popular TV programmes.

For instance, can kissing each other between tissues help one know more about new friends? I see no creativity, but humiliation. What a shame.

I am very disappointed some freshmen thought these games did not matter. Does playing raunchy games indicate you are open-minded? It is not sensible to make a compromise by sacrificing your self-esteem and your own moral standards.

These incidents do not just sound the alarm on students' moral standards, but also on organising activities.

Organisers should bear in mind the purpose of a function. I sincerely hope these games will disappear from the university campus.

Maggie is a student at Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School