Choir leader's highs and lows

Bonnie Ng

The job of a choir leader is not easy. You must tidy the music room, sweep the floor and buy ribbons and lemons among other things.

It is hard work, but I enjoy it. The responsibilities, such as taking the roll call, have proved a great experience.

The first time I was a conductor was in Form Four. Being a conductor is like being a magician. When you raise your hands, the choir girls take a deep breath. When you conduct with power, the girls sing with energy. It is amazing and gives you a great sense of satisfaction.

In 1998, I conducted the 90-member Junior Choir. In 1999, I conducted the Christmas carols at the Regent Hotel and Regal Airport Hotel.

Taking the roll call is my main responsibility as choir leader. I know the name of all the choir members.

The job gives me the opportunity to make a lot of new friends, both older and younger than myself. It is wonderful to have so many friends.

I do feel I am under pressure at times. I know it is my responsibility to make sure everything runs smoothly. If anything goes wrong all eyes will turn to me.

If our choir is to come first in competitions, I must teach the girls to perform perfectly. Our teacher is very busy as she has to manage three choirs. This means that I often take on additional jobs.

I have had some great experiences as a result of my job. Once I got a lift in the principal's car, but other experiences are not as happy.

In Form Four, some choir members boycotted me because I did not spend enough time with them. They were mean and called me names. It was a tough time, but eventually I gained their respect again. That experience really made me grow up and taught me a lot about how to manage people.

There is a lot of pressure being a choir leader and it can be exhausting, but there is also a lot of satisfaction.

Now that I have the choir leader badge sewn on my uniform I am reluctant to take it off.

The badge is indeed as heavy as the workload, but I enjoy the challenge.

I have learned so much from my time as a choir leader. Although I do not want to give up the role, I know it is time to pass the badge and the responsibilities on to one of the younger choir members.

I hope that the new choir leader will get as much out of the job as I did.

Bonnie is a student at Heep Yunn School