Heroes of shootout win awards for courage

Vicky Wong

TWELVE police officers yesterday received commendations from Police Commissioner Li Kwan-ha for gallantry in a shootout and grenade attack.

Two gang members were killed during the battle in Shui Tau village, Kam Tin, in July 1991.

Topping the list of outstanding officers were Detective Chief Inspector Nick Roberts, Detective Senior Inspector Gabriel Tsang Hung-lit and Detective Constable Yeung Kwok-wing. They received Queen's Gallantry Medals.

Detective Superintendent Choy Kin-cheung, Senior Inspector Cheung Kwai-kee and Constable Chan Wing-fu were also praised.

Another six officers received the Commissioner's Commendations for their involvement in the incident. They were Detective Chief Inspector Lo Mung-hung, Senior Inspectors Chau Chi-hung and Chu Ling-ming and Constables Hung Fan-hoi, Wai Kam and Lau Loi-fuk.

The shootout started after eight officers, led by Inspector Roberts, put a gang's hideout under surveillance.

Constable Yeung had a grenade held at his neck after four of the gang left the building pretending to give themselves up.

Inspector Roberts had a gun held to his head.

Two teachers and two students were praised yesterday for foiling a bag-snatcher.

Leung Hin-man, 34, and Lo Kwai-fun, 37, and fourth formers Fung Ho-chiu and Chow Man-chi, received the Good Citizen Awards yesterday as a commendation for their courage and initiative.

The boys saw a man running with a handbag near a playground at Cho Yiu Chuen. While Ho-chiu, 16, watched the direction in which the thief fled, Man-chi, 15, returned to Chan Nam Cheong Memorial College and told teachers.

With the help of the students, Mr Leung and Ms Lo followed the unarmed thief before Mr Lo finally caught him.

The 39 citizens honoured yesterday were aged from 15 to 72. Each received a certificate and a cash reward of $3,000.