Accident at work led to fatal fire

A FIRE in a flat claimed the lives of two decorators, the Coroner's Court heard yesterday.

Coroner Rodney Venning returned verdicts of death by misadventure in the case of painters Kwok Kam-shing, 33, and Wong Sui, 65.

The court heard that both died of extensive burns.

Abdul Ghafoor, factory inspector of the Labour Department, said the fire broke out on September 7, l992, when four workers were carrying out internal renovation work on a flat at Mei Foo Sun Chuen.

Carpenters Fung Kin-po and To Ka-wor suddenly heard Mr Wong crying for help from another room.

Mr Fung rushed to the doorway of the room but flames blocked the entrance.


Mr To ran to the kitchen to turn off the electricity supply.

Wong came out of the room with smoke pouring from his clothes and his trousers burning.

He said the fire started after paint thinner spilt.

He was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital but died the next day.


Kwok was burnt to death inside the flat.

Investigations showed that electrical wiring, extension cords, plugs and adaptors were found lying around in the room.


An empty container of thinner and a can of adhesive material, later found to be flammable, were also found.

The cause of the fire could not be ascertained by investigators.

Mr Venning recommended that electrical wiring and other possible hazards should be kept to a minimum when dangerous substances were being used in decoration work.