International festival aims to promote appreciation of new media

The annual Microwave International Media Art Festival is coming to promote cultural exchange and the appreciation of art using new media.

Called 'TransCode', the concept is to help people find new codes, new images, new sounds and new forms of writing in art and technology.

The festival confronts as well as embraces the digital information era, and presents the latest incarnations, artists and experts in media art, which often appear like aliens from the outer limits.

The festival includes symposiums, seminars and exhibitions at the Hong Kong Space Museum lecture hall, Kwai Tsing Theatre lecture room, City Hall exhibition hall or the City Hall recital hall from September 7 to 22.

For enquiries, please call 2573 1869. Admission is free.

'Debut' marks the first exhibition of the first graduating class of the first part-time Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) programme in Hong Kong. The course is offered by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the Art School of the Hong Kong Arts Centre.


'Debut' features the efforts of 19 painters and 7 ceramists whose works consist of not only paintings and ceramics, but also installations and multi-media. Each artist's personality is reflected in their pieces (pictured), and each work challenges the viewer to enter a dialogue with the artist.

The exhibition will be on display in Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, from 6 pm to 8 pm on September 7, from 10 am to 8 pm on September 8 and 16, and from 10 am to 5 pm on September 16.

The exhibition lasts until September 16; admission is free.

Wang Zhongshan from China, Reiko Kimura from Japan, and Moon Yang-sook from Korea, will perform 'The Eastern Zither Concerto' of works on traditional instruments from the artists' respective countries.


Wang will perform four pieces for zheng - Tunes of Home Town and The Orchid, the Stream, and the Dream (in collaboration with pipa and ruan virtuoso Xu Hong), Deep is the Night and As the Moon Rises .

Kimura will play Ballades for Koto Solo (Vol 3) , Summer , and Godan-no-Shirade for koto.


Moon will present two Korean works played on kayagum - Chim Hyang-moo and Arirang .

The concert will be performed in the City Hall Concert Hall at 8 pm on September 8. Tickets at $160, $130 and $100 (students, half price) are now available at all Urbtix outlets.

For programme enquiries, call 2734 2935. For reservations call 2734 9009.


The Australian Centenary Film Festival is a compilation of work designed to introduce Australia through movies.

Eight Australian films featuring love, horror, friendship and family ties will be screened at Lim Por Yen Film Festival, Hong Kong Arts Centre from September 5 to 22.

Tickets at $50 and $30 (students) are available at all Ticketek outlets.


For further details and time-table, please refer to Cinelink and Artslink (September issues) available at Hong Kong Arts Centre. Enquiries, call 2582 0268 or 2582 0200. For reservations, call 3128 8288.

Graphic: hotticglo