Expert: Teddy Wang's will written by two different people

Updated at 1.40pm: Missing tycoon Teddy Wang Teh-huei was ''highly probably'' not the author of a four-page will allegedly left by him in 1990 shortly before he was kidnapped, a Government document examiner told the Court of First Instance.

Patrick Cheng, senior Government chemist, said three pages of the will were written by two different people, but he could not make any conclusion on the last page because it was written in English.

Mr Cheng is testifying in a probate battle between Teddy Wang's father Wang Din-shin and his wife Nina Wang Kung Yu-sum over his estate which could run up to several billions.

The central issue the court has to determine is whether the 1990 will is genuine.

It was Mr Wang Snr's case that his son appoints him the sole trustee of his estate in a 1968 will.

But Ms Wang argues the 1968 will was revoked by the 1990 will which she was named as the administrator.

The hearing continues before Justice David Yam Yee-kwun.