Singing academic admits to musical 'method'

Baptist University professor Henry Mok Tai-kee, accused by students of neglecting teaching duties, admitted last night he did sing in lectures and was late for classes.

But the suspended head of the social work department said the singing was part of his teaching to create a 'better and more relaxed' atmosphere. The practice was common in universities overseas, he said.

'I have published over 20 books in the past and I do need to sing for 45 minutes in classes,' he said.

Dr Mok said he was only late for class 'on some occasions', and pledged to donate a $100 book coupon to students for each minute he arrived late in future.

He also rejected claims that he had encouraged students to commit suicide, saying the allegation was 'exaggerated and quoted out of context'.

The professor said the complaints might have been caused by students feeling pressured by his tough academic standards.


A group of second and third-year students pinned complaint letters to the university's democracy wall over the past week. Students had also complained to the dean of the faculty of social sciences, Professor Frank Fu, in June.

The accusations included that Dr Mok was always more than 15 minutes late for morning class, left class early, sang in class instead of teaching and failed to explain course materials properly.

An investigative committee has been set up to look into the complaints. A decision on whether to take further action will depend on the outcome of the inquiry.