10 items one should not go to school without

Alan Lee

For the fashion-conscious, there are always items that you cannot go to school without. However, as we all know, these must-haves are not always necessary for your studies.

Long gone are the days when all we needed were pencils, pencil case, or a brand new ring-binder folder.

Students seem to need a lot more than that today. While some teachers are still struggling with their desktops, laptops and electronic organisers, some students have become very familiar with the hi-tech gadgets.

After speaking to a number of students, Young Post has come up with 10 'must-have items'.

Mobile phone. According to many, this is the 'most needed' item. While some schools are fighting hard to ban students from using it on school grounds, others have already taken a more relaxed attitude on students' use of mobile phones.

Schoolbag or backpack. The Outdoor brand seems to be the current favourite because they come in many colours and are endorsed by local celebrities.

Black leather shoes. Apart from the all-time favourite Dr Martens, Camper is another favourite choice. Why? Probably because they are more functional and last a lot longer than your usual loafers. Oh, of course, they are cool, too.

Sport shoes. Hong Kong teenagers' obsession with trainers and sneakers continues. Even though coloured sport shoes are not allowed at most schools, there is still enough variety among white shoes for trendy students. Top picks: Nike Airforce 1 and Adidas SuperStar.

Wristwatch. Swatch and G-Shock are definitely out. Many students now prefer to wear steel watches.

Muji stationery. Anyone over 25 may not understand, but the Japanese brand spells 'buy me'.

Contact lenses. Despite the extra time needed to put them on, contact lens are still preferred over glasses, especially among girls. And we all know why!

MD Player. Portable music players have long been a must-have. But in a little more than a decade, the original walkman has been superseded by the compact disc, then the MD player.

Electronic dictionary. There are students who are still too lazy to turn the pages.

Laptop computer. Believe it or not, some students are already taking their laptops to school to play games and, of course, to show off to their classmates.