We will win this war, vows Bush

US President George W. Bush vowed yesterday that America would 'win this war' against terrorism.

Intensifying his military rhetoric in a televised phone conference with New York Governor George Pataki, Mr Bush said: 'We have just seen the first war of the 21st century.

'My resolve is steady and strong about winning this war that has been declared on America. It is a new kind of war . . . this Government will call others to join us.'

At times showing emotion, Mr Bush said he 'wept and mourned' with fellow Americans.

Demands for swift and sweeping retribution have been building across the political spectrum, leading some Asian and European diplomats to fear hasty military gestures.

'Anger is turning to jingoism,' one veteran envoy said. 'We have all got to tread carefully and work for a calm and clear solution.' But Mr Bush said he believed his diplomacy would pave the way for acceptance of a military solution.

'I am confident there will be universal approval for whatever actions this Government takes.'

Those efforts include a bid to get co-operation from Pakistan - one of just three states with official ties with the Taleban in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has said it is willing to co-operate with the US over the attacks, but has made no specific offers.