Number of SAR missing rises to 15

The known number of Hong Kong people missing in New York has risen to 15 after three more families appealed to the Government for help yesterday.

Of the eight men and seven women, aged 25 to 80, four were working in or visiting New York at the time and the others lived in the city.

Eight Hong Kong residents earlier feared to have been caught in the devastation have now been contacted.

The names of the missing had not been released at the request of families, a government spokeswoman said. The Chinese Embassy in the US has been helping to try to find them.

Meanwhile, a Hong Kong couple from the Salvation Army, Ricky Ki Yun-kwong, 49, and his wife, Maureen Ki, are working at a temporary accommodation centre in New York, offering counselling and refreshments to the rescue teams.

Last night Mr Ki described conditions as chaotic.

'Two days ago the city said it was short of clothes and food. We now have too much and are trying to stop people from bringing anything,' he said.

His SAR colleague, Simon Wong Kwok-ching, said they had received about 16 calls requesting counselling.