Corrs gig a timely tonic for the SAR

Alan Lee

International pop sensations The Corrs are to give their first public concert in Hong Kong tonight.

The Irish group - made up of siblings Andrea, Caroline, Sharon and Jim - said they considered postponing their gig in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the United States more than a fortnight ago.

'Right after the attack we were quite worried, not about our own safety, but that of our loved ones back home, our family, crew and friends,' vocalist Andrea said.

'The incident was absolutely horrifying and it also tells us how vulnerable we are. The idea of postponing the trip did flash across our mind.

'But considering that we haven't postponed any of our major shows over the past 10 years, we definitely don't want to do it now either. We decided that we would stick to our schedule.'

Both Andrea and Sharon said that the tragic incident made it even more important for them to fully commit themselves to the shows because 'in times of tragedy, entertainment becomes more important than ever and in time of grief, escape also becomes more important than ever'.

Sharon, who plays the violin, said: 'We all know perfectly well that not only us, but virtually everyone in our country could be at risk, because Britain could be the next target of attack.

'But we also believe that if we keep backing off and let the tragedy ruin our normal lives, then it will mean victory for those who committed the atrocity. No, we can't let them do that. It's time we pulled ourselves together and moved on,' she said.

With three chart-topping albums under their belt, the group have already sold about 25 million CDs worldwide. Their forthcoming release will be a retrospective album called The Best of Corrs. 'This CD will be sort of an evaluation of our past, a trace of our musical journey,' Andrea said. 'It is going to take stock of what we have been through in the past five or six years and it can also probably give you a hint of our direction in the future.'

Having jetted in two days ago, The Corrs will leave Hong Kong tomorrow for Manila, and then Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Auckland before rounding off their Asian tour in Melbourne.