Ryan in addiction drama

MEG Ryan, currently starring in the romantic hit Sleepless in Seattle, already has begun work in a new drama, Significant Other, opposite Andy Garcia.

Ryan and Garcia play a happily married couple whose world is shattered when they are forced to come to terms with alcohol addiction.

Rita Hayworth & Shawshank Redemption is the unusual title for Castle Rock Entertainment's new film starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman currently filming in Mansfield, Ohio.

The story, based on a Stephen King novella, deals with a convicted murderer (Robbins) who befriends a lifer (Freeman) in a struggle to overcome the dangers of Shawshank Prison, a New England penitentiary.

Also starring in the film are James Whitmore as prison librarian, Bob Gunton as the warden, Clancy Brown as a vicious chief guard.