Actress buys herself an expensive gift

ACTRESS Joey Wong Jo-yin has treated herself to a lavish gift - an eight-figure, 2,000 sq ft apartment in Mid-Levels. The Hongkong-based Taiwanese star already owns four other apartments in Taiwan. Wong will release her debut album in Taiwan in September.

Sally Yeh and George Lam will stage five joint concerts in Beijing next month, in support of the city's bid for the 2000 Olympics. The duo's fund-raising concerts will set the record for the most number of shows any local artiste has held in the capital.

TV celebrity Chu Yan has apologised to Leon Lai Ming for causing him unnecessary trouble. Word has its that Chu is the source of a rumour that Lai is her suitor, but actually she is dating publisher Ngai Chan, whose name has been romantically linked to several actresses, including Vivian Chow and Michelle Reis.

Chu denied the claims and said if she was really dating someone, she would admit it.

The production cost of Leon Lai's upcoming concert in August has reached $11 million. Although the highest priced tickets have been sold and the middle and lower priced ones are also going very fast, the singer said he would only stage a maximum of 15 concerts.

Singer Andy Hui Chi-on may hold two concerts at the Hongkong Cultural Centre. Hui said staging concerts at the Hongkong Coliseum was every singer's dream, but he was not quite up to it yet. His debut Mandarin album will be released in Taiwan soon.

Singer Pang Kar-lai once thought of changing fields since her career was not getting anywhere. Being the daughter of an immigration officer and sister to a policewoman, Pang wanted to be an auxiliary policewoman. However, she dropped the idea when her sister told her that a good-looking female cop would most likely come under ''close scrutiny'' by male colleagues.