Gas supply policy remains

THERE are no plans to intervene in the gas supply market, the Secretary for Planning, Environment and Lands, Tony Eason, said.

The answer was prompted by a question from Fred Li Wah-ming, who asked whether the interests of consumers would be protected under a Housing Authority policy to use Towngas in new estates.

Mr Eason said policy did not warrant the introduction of a special mechanism for monitoring but the Secretary for Economic Services would keep an eye on the situation.

The Housing Authority's decision was based on a 1990 review which judged differing gas supplies in terms of planning flexibility, cost, safety, security of supply, the need for on-site storage and adaptability to natural gas in future.

He said the problem with liquefied petroleum gas was that depots would have to be built near housing estates.

The Secretary for Economic Services Gordon Siu Kwing-chue, said competition would be encouraged.