Questioning Dumbo's parentage

Teri Fitsell

HERE'S one to put the wind up the Dan Quayle School of Family Values. Nowhere in Walt Disney's 1941 animated film Dumbo (Pearl 8.30, ORT 64 mins) is there so much as a hint as to the identity of the big-eared baby elephant's father. He's never mentioned, never seen and certainly not around to help Mrs Jumbo through that difficult birth (the stork gets lost, you know).

Let your children watch at peril to their future moral fibre.

EVEN more strange than Dumbo's lack of a dad is Pearl's decision to run another cartoon feature back-to-back, particularly since the later one, The Land Before Time (9.45pm, ORT 69 mins) is only likely to appeal to the vintage of viewer who should be inbed by this time.

ACTRESS of the moment Demi Moore stars in The Seventh Sign (World 9.30pm, ORT 98 mins) as a distraught mother-to-be whose nightmares and premonitions have convinced her the world's having its apocalypse now.

She could hardly miss the signs - seas boiling, villages freezing, the moon glowing red - and a mysterious new neighbour (Jurgen Prochnow) whom she believes is after her unborn child.

Visuals are stylish, the acting convincing, but you'll still be saying ''oh, leave it out'' before movie's end.

QUEEN: Days of Our Lives (MTV 3.30pm and 3am tomorrow) is a retrospective on the British band made shortly before Freddie Mercury's death in November 1991. Guns N' Roses lead singer Axl Rose hosts the show which chronicles the band's history from the first hit Killer Queen in 1974, through the revolutionary Bohemian Rhapsody which turned them into an international sensation, to video clips from the last Queen release Innuendo.

That's followed by George Michael and Brian May: A Conversation (MTV 4.30pm) which is actually two conversations since the stars were interviewed separately. Mutual topics were the fight against AIDS and Michael's rendition of Queen's Somebody to Love from last year's Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.