Traffic bumps must be re-instated

ALTHOUGH not a resident of Stanley, I can fully appreciate the concerns of Mr T. M. Lyons (South China Morning Post, June 19, ''Tragedy must be averted'') and his frustration at the lack of response to a potential disaster. I have also met with a total lack of interest and concern to a problem which now exists at Lower Baguio Villa.

Some months ago my small son was almost knocked down on the pedestrian crossing outside the supermarket at Lower Baguio Villa by a speeding motorist. I complained to the management company and requested that a traffic bump be constructed close to the crossing to prevent this from happening again. Two weeks later a traffic bump was constructed, which resulted in the crossing being much safer.

Imagine my horror when, after only a few weeks, this and all the other traffic bumps were torn up and taken away. I contacted the management office and was told that the Transport Department had instructed the work to be carried out ''in the interest of safety''.

A copy of the Transport Department letter was later given to me by the management company. The following day I contacted the author, a Mr Wang Pe-chu, who informed me that the department had been instructed to order the removal of the traffic bumps by the Royal Hongkong Police Force.

Obviously the police have no idea of the location of Lower Baguio Villa or the traffic problems that exist. The estate is constructed on the side of a very steep hill which results in traffic coming down the access road at very high speed. Apart from thenormal residential traffic we get public light buses, mini-buses, school buses, taxis, various delivery vans, customers to the supermarket and the dreaded Park'N Shop delivery vans whose drivers are obviously all in training for the Macau Grand Prix! The small degree of safety that we had before has now totally gone and my fears of an imminent tragedy are the same as that of Mr Lyons.

Why private developments have to have such ridiculous restrictions is beyond me. And how come Lower Baguio Villa was singled out when almost all private developments in Hongkong have the same style traffic bumps.

Unfortunately, Hongkong authorities never act until a tragedy occurs, as we found out last year when the mud slide hit Lower Baguio Villa. Do we have to see a child or elderly person killed, before someone with a little common-sense agrees that this totally unsafe situation should not be allowed to continue? I would welcome a response from the Royal Hongkong Police and the Transport Department and confirmation that the traffic bumps will be re-instated some time before the new airport is built.

R. CASTKA Pokfulam