The girl left at the fireworks

THIS is the first picture to be published of Yu Fa, the child abandoned between the Exchange Square Towers at the Lunar New Year fireworks six months ago.

The Sunday Morning Post took the exclusive photograph of Yu Fa, also known as Fa Fa, at her home at children's charity Mother's Choice.

We found the little girl with a cast on her leg as she had undergone an operation to minimise damage caused by a long scar suspected to be a burn.

Yu Fa does not speak and Mother's Choice staff believe she has been mistreated. She is also suspected to be suffering some cerebral palsy.

The Social Welfare Department has been unable to find a new family and is considering a media appeal.

But Yu Fa may have to travel to the United States to find a family willing to give her the care and attention she needs.

Meanwhile, police issued a photograph of a baby girl who was found abandoned in Chai Wan last month in a bid to locate her next of kin.

The four-month-old was found on a bench at the sitting-out area outside Tsui Fuk House, Tsui Wan Estate, by a passer-by at about 9.40 pm on June 25.

She is at Chuk Yuen Children's Reception Centre. Anyone who knows her identity or has information is urged to call police hotline 527-7177.