Going for the natural feeling

JESSICA Chau Ching has worked very hard to start a career in showbiz. The singer says it takes more than luck.

''Luck plays a part, but careful thinking and sensible planning are also important,'' she said.

Chau does not want to predict her future. The most important thing is to try her best and improve her singing skills.

The cover of her debut album features a healthy and cheerful Chau at a beautiful beach on a sunny day.

The album, entitled I Love the Long Summer Days , comprises 12 songs which are mostly local productions. There is a good balance of fast and slow numbers.

Eleven are Cantonese songs while ''Meeting My Love Another Day'' is in Putonghua.

The theme song, ''I Love the Long Summer Days'', has been on the radio a lot lately.

Chau has been praised by many of her seniors, including Faye Wong, for the rich emotions in her songs.

She says it is important to get emotionally involved in the songs; otherwise, the songs would have no vitality.

The newcomer does not have any rigid image in mind, but she prefers to retain a ''natural'' image which gives a fresh and comfortable feeling.

''I like singing different kinds of songs, but it'll be nice if I'm offered songs which fit my vocal range,'' she said.

''I admire Faye Wong's singing skills. Most of her songs are difficult, but she sings them well.'' When Chau has spare time, she practises some of Wong's songs to improve her singing techniques.

Chau joined TVB's acting training course in 1991. After she finished the course, she worked as a presenter for a music programme on Pearl. She also started learning singing with Tai See-chung.

Under the encouragement of her singing teacher, she left TVB and signed a contract with Cinepoly Records last year.

''Timing is very important. I decided to concentrate on singing,'' she said.

But if there is also an opportunity for acting, Chau will surely give it a try.

''I hope music fans will come to accept me and my music,'' the young singer said.