Machine guns for special few

ONLY selected officers are trained to use machine guns - and those who qualify must attend additional target practice.

Police weapons training officer, Acting Superintendent Albert Lee Yeung-chi, said every recruit was required to attend 60-hour of training with revolvers, rifles, shotguns and other weapons at the Police Training School.

Each officer was then required to attend at least two firearms training sessions and pass an accuracy test every year.

He said weapons training formed a large part of a recruit's six-month training, which included weapons handling and live firing.

''To ensure recruits will properly handle and use weapons, they are tested four times,'' Mr Lee said.

But he said only inspector-grade recruits were given training to use machine guns.

Officers from the Special Duties Unit, known as the Flying Tigers, are trained to use machine guns and a range of other automatic weapons.

Marine Police officers also receive additional schooling in the use of machine guns.