Councils seek closer dialogue

LEGISLATIVE and Executive Councillors are looking at ways of improving communication with each other, according to Elsie Tu, chairman of the Legislative Council House Committee.

''We will strive to develop constructive ideas for this purpose,'' she said at an end-of-session briefing.

Communication between the councils has become a cause of concern since Governor Chris Patten scrapped the appointment of legislators to the top advisory body.

Mrs Tu said the legislature had maintained close and regular communication with the administration with briefings by the Chief Secretary, the Financial Secretary and the Attorney-General.

Legislators had also kept up dialogue with policy secretaries both formally and informally.

During the session, legislators filed a record 612 oral and written questions to the administration - 480 were filed in the 1991/92 session.


A total of 39 motion debates were moved compared to 37 last year. During the 32 sittings, 84 bills were passed.

The longest regular sitting was Wednesday at 10 hours 56 minutes.