Give fax customer a break

I RECENTLY read the letters concerning Hongkong Telecom's policies (Business Post, July 19-22) on refunds on failed fax calls. I agree with Mr Mike Hathiramani's comments that an international standard of service is what the public wants from Hongkong Telecom.

Hongkong is one of the busiest cities in the world with people flocking from everywhere. If the standard of telephone service is going to undermine the success of businesses, I suggest Hongkong Telecom's competitors begin a mass crusade.

In the US my carrier is AT & T. A few times I have found calls that were not mine, and after speaking with a friendly customer service representative, immediate refunds were sent with no questions asked.

Any research they completed wasn't on my time or with my money, but on theirs. This also applied to my fax line.

I have been here a few months on business and now, while looking over my office's telephone bills, I have to wonder how many fax transmissions were not completed and charged.

Give the customers a break. They have enough to worry about as it is.

Companies should prepare themselves for abusers of any system but should remember that there are honest, hard-working people out there who deserve a break from conglomerations trying to make a dollar.

Give people the benefit of the doubt that they are responsible enough to know when an error has occurred.

Hongkong Telecom may have the cheapest prices around the world, but they are still making money like everyone else. V. TRINKLE Wan Chai