Vote for healthy celebrity

AS pop idols have a strong influence on youths nowadays, it is important that they have a healthy image, not only physically but also mentally. Commercial Radio 2's annual ''Healthy Image Election'' is aimed at reflecting teenagers' mentality towards healthiness.

It also aims to encourage pop idols to set a good example for youngsters to follow.

''We hope to have a fair election which will reflect what teenagers think. We also want to encourage celebrities to build up a healthy image,'' said Wallace Kwok, the assistant programme director of CR2. ''We also want to get youths to lead a positive life.'' With 77 McDonald's shops in Hongkong and Macau as voting posts, CR2 is conducting an eight-week survey among teenagers.

''McDonald's always pays attention to teenagers' ideas, that's why we are sponsoring the campaign,'' Marketing Manager of McDonald's Restaurants (HK) Ltd Teresa Law said.

''We are also sponsoring two tickets for each voter to see the award presentation ceremony.'' Teenagers can vote for their ''healthiest idol'' by filling out a form on the McDonald's tray mat and dropping it into the ballot box in any of the restaurants.

In addition, young people can express their views towards eight ''That's Me'' topics: leisure activity, brand name, meeting place, catch phrase, major expense, collectible item, biggest worry and ideal occupation.

CR2 is sending out disc jockey Wong Hei to McDonald's restaurants every day to report on the voting circumstances and the highest scores are reported by the Soft and Hard Core Kids every Saturday night.

After the first week, the 12 idols with the highest votes were Irene Wan Pik-ha, Karen Tong Po-yu, Vivian Lai Shui-yan, Julian Cheung Chi-lam, Andy Hui Chi-on, Maple Hui Chow-yee, Cass Pang Ling, Nicky Woo Chi-loong, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Ekin Cheng, Chu Yan and Yuen Wing-yee.

Last year's Healthiest Idol, Vivian Chow Wai-man, said she had kept her healthy image by not drinking or smoking.

While Vivian Chow voted for Dodo Cheng Yu-ling this year, actor Chow Yun-fatt got five votes from Cass Pang, Maple Hui, Vivian Lai, Karen Tong and Julian Cheung.

They said Chow had a healthy smile and family life, was environmentally conscious and served as a good teacher for newcomers. ''He looks good and healthy even in shorts and T-shirts,'' said Cass Pang.

The 10 idols with the highest votes will be awarded at the ''Healthy Image Award Presentation'' at the Hongkong Coliseum on September 13.