Yuen learns lesson the hard way

A CAR accident taught Anita Yuen Wing-yee a lesson: Don't drive when you are not up to it. About a year ago, Yuen was driving her car after shooting a movie. She was so tired she could not concentrate and she smashed her car. Luckily, she was not hurt. The actress now takes the company vehicle to the set.

Andy Lau Tak-wah believes he can win any woman's heart with sincerity. The superstar says he is a model husband with a good career and no bad habits and it is impossible for any girl to reject him.

''Even if she's not touched by my sincerity, she will one day find out that I'm worth loving,'' he says jokingly.

Taiwan teen idol Micky Woo Chi-loong has no love for alcohol. The singer says he falls asleep after drinking one beer. However, he does give in to smoking once in a while, especially when in a bad mood. Woo says he will try to break the bad habit.

Actress-singer Sandra Ng says she does not enjoy being a singer much. Ng is now recording her new album and she is frustrated having to stay in the recording studio all day long. She also finds it hard to establish a close relationship with her fans as she would have to pretend to be nice and happy all the time.

Singer Julian Cheung Chi-lam wants to change his dandy image. Cheung says he is a pretty rough guy from an ordinary family. The singer is now learning to dance and he hopes to give his fans a more mature and macho impression.