Stench is hazardous

IN November last year, a four-block stretch of pavement along Wong Chuk Hang Road was ripped open to allow repair work. The open sewers created a stench in the neighbourhood. Who is responsible for this? The main contractor, Wan Hin and Co Ltd, is listed on the signs along with Hongkong Electric.

Walking along the road last week, I chanced upon the permit issued to the contractors on October 1, 1992, clearly stating the work was to be completed within five months. Five months should have ended on February 28, 1993. Now, as we near the end of July, five months past the expiry date, the excavation grows wider and the stench stronger.

Wong Chuk Hang is a busy district and daytime home to many office and factory workers. Constant exposure to sewage is certainly not good for our health. The lack of proper pavement makes waiting for a bus a hazard as well. Finally, there are a number of tourist sites throughout this area, notably jewellers on the day-tour routes and it can't help the Hongkong Tourist Association's campaign to get these free-spenders to ''stay an extra day'' when the attraction they visit smells like a cesspool.

When is this 10-month-old project ever going to end? I would like Hongkong Electric to respond.

MARY HOPPIN Wong Chuk Hang