Wily forces in PLA name plan

TOP Forces chap Major-General John Foley may have ruffled a few feathers when he said the PLA would be free to walk into the British HQ in Central come July 1, 1997, but it appears that the military media types are already waging a covert war in a bid to persuade the arriving army to set up elsewhere.

Why else would the business card of a British Forces Broadcasting Service journalist state that they were based in HMS Tamer? Hardly a name to strike fear into the hearts of a potential enemy, is it? All we need now is to persuade the PLA to move to somewhere with a tougher name - how about Sharp Island off Sai Kung? A fine name and surely far enough away from Central to keep the sensitive business types happy.

Meanwhile, the KP office will relocate to Bluff Island.

Typographical error it may be, but don't forget that General Foley is a former SAS officer with his share of time in the intelligence services.

Sounds like a cunning plan, Captain Blackadder.