Gifted delegates for conference

FIVE Hongkong secondary school students have been chosen as delegates to attend the Youth Summit of the 10th World Conference on Gifted and Talented Children, to be held in Toronto, Canada, next month.

The students are Paul Wong Kwun-shun of Wah Yan College, Hongkong; Ho Tak-yung of Concordia Lutheran School; Ng So-sum of Belilios Public School; Winnie Lee Wing-yee of St Francis' Canossian College, and Esther Ho Shuk-gee of Marymount Secondary School.

The theme of the Youth Summit is ''Gifted Youth Thinks About Education Worldwide''. The students will meet other young delegates from all over the world, and share their experiences and cultural traditions.

The outcome of their deliberations will be presented as challenges for the future to the adults attending the conference.

The 11th World Conference of Gifted and Talented Children will be held in Hongkong in 1995. The organising committee, comprising representatives from Hongkong tertiary schools and volunteers, is already preparing for the big event.

The conference is held in association with the World Council on Gifted and Talented Children, involving over 50 countries.

It was set up in 1975 in London for the purpose of advancing the development of gifted and talented children and to stimulate research in the nature of giftedness.

Once every two years, a world conference is held in association with the national or local organisation involved in the field.