Slow off mark or a tactical ploy?

A LETTER has reached us from police Superintendent Filipe De Oliveira, a company commander of a police tactical unit's field patrol detachment based at Shataukok, and a former aide-de-camp to governors Lord Wilson and Chris Patten.

It concerns a picture P.S. ran on May 23 showing a member of the anti-illegal immigrants squad fast asleep while on border patrol duty.

''In essence, the article explicitly mentions that the police officer shown in the photograph had lapsed into deep sleep while on duty,'' Superintendent De Oliveira wrote.

''Should this have been the case, he would have breached our discipline regulations, which would require further action.'' Perhaps the police are not avid readers of P.S. but it seems strange that the Tactical Unit, which should be the fastest-acting team in the force, should take more than three months before getting in touch.