Schools hold charity art fair

TEN schools joined hands recently to hold the ''Art Fete Brings Hope '93'' fair aimed at raising money for the Hong Kong Kidney Patients Trust Fund.

Funds were raised through sales of handicrafts, such as jewellery, candles, mirrors and bookmarks made by students. There were also game stalls and portraiture service for donors. Donation boxes were also placed at the counters.

''The kidney patients were chosen because they are one of the most urgent groups that need funding,'' said sixth-former Thomas Wong Min-hon of Wah Yan College, Kowloon, who is president of the organising committee.

The administrator of the trust fund, Ms Olga Parry Seung-ping's, said at the opening ceremony in the Hong Kong Plaza at Whampoa Garden, it was difficult for patients to apply for kidney transplant or medical assistance from the Government because of its high cost and low availability of kidneys.

''We might not be able to raise a lot of money, but we hope that by our sincere efforts, we can arouse public awareness of the need of the unfortunate members of the community,'' said Thomas.

Six Legislative Councillors - Mr Frederick Fung Kim-kei, Mr Michael Ho Mun-ka, Mrs Peggy Lam, Dr Conrad Lam Kui-Sing, Mr Fred Li Wah-ming, and Mr Eric Li Ka-cheung, showed their support by attending the ceremony with star guest Chow Yun-fatt.

Mr Fung said it must be an ordeal for kidney patients to undergo transplants citing his fears when he had to take a health check on becoming a Legislative Councillor.

Dr Lam told the students how impressed he was with their work, because as he recalled his school days with Mr Martin Lee, they did not do much except studying and talking to girls.

Mr Chow, in his shortspeech, saluted the students for showing great care for the less fortunate.

''I came here without hesitation because I find this activity meaningful. I can be of more help in small charities like this than the big ones,'' said Mr Chow, when asked why he decided to attend the fair.

The guests later visited the stalls and even bought some of the handicrafts and took part in the games.