Calling all budget travellers

DOUBTLESS Mr David Stevens is well-intentioned in his condemnation of Mina Kaye's remarks about Chungking Mansions, but he is factually wrong when he states that Chungking Mansions is the only affordable accommodation for backpackers in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association maintains six hostels - shortly to be seven with the opening of Bradbury Lodge at Tai Mei Tuk in September - in Hong Kong and the New Territories.

Whilst they are not by any means city centre hostels they are ''affordable'' and they meet with the standards of the International Youth Hostels Federation in terms of hygiene, comfort and safety. Approximately half of the usage of these hostels is by local citizens (of all ages) and the rest by international visitors.

Any reader requiring further information about the HKYHA should contact Mr Y. W. Lee at 788 1638, fax 788 3105.

DOUG ROOTS former Chairman Executive Committee Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association