Market location for library will give readers more space

I REFER to Mr Cheng Wai-man's letter headlined, ''More seats urgently needed'' (South China Morning Post, July 21).

The Regional Council's Sheung Shui Public Library is located at the North District Town Hall. The library has been well used by the public since its opening in 1982.

Given the space constraint of the Newspapers and Periodicals Section of the library, two rows of seats are being arranged in an L shape manner to cater for the largest number of readers. In anticipation of higher demand during the summer vacation, a few more seats are now being added to the section.

To better serve the local population, plans are in hand to relocate the library to larger accommodation at the new Regional Council Market Complex in Shek Wu Hui, which is scheduled for completion in mid-1994. The new library will occupy a floor area of 1800 square metres and will provide, in addition to other new library facilities, a spacious Newspapers and Periodicals Section of about 90 square metres.

I wish to thank your correspondent for his concern about the newspaper and periodical services provided in Sheung Shui Public Library.

F. S. TSE Librarian (Operations) for Director of Regional Services