Work closely monitored

I REFER to Mr Lee's letter (South China Morning Post, July 19) and Mr Brebner's letter (Post, July 23) both concerning roadworks along Pokfulam Road.

Our investigation reveals no evidence that the two watermain bursts which occurred near Queen Mary Hospital and the flyover to Ap Lei Chau were caused by roadworks. No excavation was carried out at the time near the watermains at these locations.

All roadworks contractors have the responsibility to take the greatest care to avoid damage or interference with underground utilities. The majority of utilities laid under roads, especially trunk services, normally have a minimum cover of 900 mm from the road surface. This should generally provide safe working clearance for road construction and repairs.

The Highways Department has put in hand a two-year programme of road improvements for Pokfulam Road and Shek Pai Wan Road. This work started at the end of last year and involves rehabilitation and reconstruction of the roadway to extend its life, improveriding quality and reduce future maintenance. The section of Pokfulam Road north of Pokfulam Reservoir Road is scheduled for completion in February 1994.

Owing to the traffic conditions in Pokfulam Road, the roadworks have to be restricted to working on short and widely spaced lengths in only one lane of each carriageway at a time while maintaining the other three lanes for traffic.

These working arrangements will continue to be closely monitored to ensure that inconvenience to the public is kept to a minimum.

WONG WAH-LUN Regional Highway Engineer/HK