Frustrated in attempt to offer employment

As a potential employer, I tried to employ someone for my one-man educational business through the Labour Department's Interactive Employment Service. However, they rejected my application to post a vacancy, saying I need to offer a basic salary of at least $4,000.

I find this impractical and outrageous. Firstly, the $4,000 requirement seems to be an internal guideline that the department never publicises and is against the government's openly declared 'no minimal salary' policy. Secondly, the task of the Labour Department is not to set arbitrary minimal wage levels but to facilitate the matching of labour demand and supply to reduce unemployment.

Thirdly, there are job seekers who are willing to accept income below $4,000, as they are often encouraged by government labour experts through the media. Moreover, other than fixed salaries, there are remuneration methods where income depends on performance.

Job seekers and employers can make their own decisions on what they want or do not want to accept.


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