Overseas Filipinos must pay taxes, but cannot vote

I REFER to the letter from the Philippine Consul General (South China Morning Post, July 30) on the subject of payment of income tax.

The feebleness of his explanation does not surprise me, considering his position as the representative of the Philippine Government.

It even amuses me to think of the possible explanations he would give to justify the ''travel tax'' imposed on every citizen travelling to and from their own country.

In any case, I would still like to take him to task on the concept of rights and responsibilities.

If I, as a Filipino citizen living and working overseas, have the responsibility to pay income tax, I expect to have the right to vote. I believe that unless I have a say in the selection of individuals who shall make and implement the law and who shall represent me and my interests in other countries, I have the option not to pay the taxes that sustain them in their positions.

I expect his response will indicate that such matters are being studied by the relevant authorities and/or are being debated by representatives in Congress.

I believe that until such time when overseas Filipinos are granted the right to vote we should not have the responsibility to pay taxes.