Crisp warning from soccer team's sponsor

THE latest sports news from New Zealand has it that unless Wellington United's players and members start eating more crisps, they risk losing the sponsorship of the company which makes them.

Crunch time for the soccer club could come later this month if it fails to improve on sales, according to Agence France Presse.

The Wellington-based Central Soccer League confirmed it had sent Wellington United a letter marked ''Urgent'', saying crisply that the team had until August 20 to ''abide fully by the criteria conditions for purchase of product'' from the crisp sponsor.

''Otherwise the league's executive will have no alternative but to exclude your central league team from any further participation in our league forthwith,'' the letter said.

The deputy chairman of United, Dave Morrison, said he thought the team's position in the league would be based on their performance on the field, ''not how many crisps we buy''.

No doubt players for Hong Kong's Instant-Dict team are hoping their sponsor does not get the same idea.

But we hear unofficially that, reacting to this news, the players and members of Hong Kong's other football teams are now anxiously seeking sponsors from the local breweries.