Rebels without causes

Carrie Chan

FED UP with cliched heroes in Hollywood action movies? Watch AFRIKA to learn about rebellious youths in Korea. The opening seems too familiar: Yo-won fails her major and Min-sun faces humiliation from her academic adviser. The two go into hiding, but the real adventure starts when they find two guns in their car. Empowered Yo-won - like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider - battles against bullying males. No blood but a triumph of feminine power. Also drawn to the power of the guns are waitress Young-mi and shop owner Jin-ah, who join the gang.

The adventure starts as a kind of revolution, but snowballs into a fiasco. The mindless girls do not know where they are heading, but get 'freebies' and kill days aimlessly.

News spreads of the wild gang and copycat gangs are formed with teenagers using fake guns.

The story ends on a touching note when friendships are developed and revolvers are returned to the police.