THE OFFA TRAIL By Sylvia Moody John and Kate agree to take up their father's challenge to walk the length of Offa's Dyke (265 km) in 10 days.

Their father has done it before, so they are sure they can also succeed.

However, as they face the difficulties of the weather and the hills, they realise the challenge isn't quite as easy as it looks.

For Forms 4-6 students. (Macmillan Publishers, 41 pages, $30) FIVE FAMOUS FAIRY TALES These are some of the best classic stories, beautifully retold in easy English for Forms 1-3 students.

The colourful, illustrated tales are from the Grimm brothers, Hans Andersen and the Arabian Nights.

The book has both an introduction and a question section at the back. (Longman, 58 pages, $30) THE DOOM OF THE GODS By Michael Harrison and Tudor Humphries This is the story of the Norse gods and goddesses, their many adventures in the lands of men, dwarfs and giants; their magic weapons and enchantments; their battles with their enemies and, finally, their doom in the last battle of all - Ragnarok.

The Doom of the Gods is a fresh and readable retelling of the Norse myths, with striking full colour and black-and-white illustrations designed to appeal to readers. (Oxford University Press, 79 pages, hardcover, $130) QUICK TIDINGS OF HONG KONG By Austin Coates Fax, telex, telephones: there is more message-bearing equipment in Hong Kong than in any place of comparable size. Hong Kong seethes with telecommunications.

How Hong Kong became connected is explained in this book.

The narrative is full of improbable stories and Coates provides an insight into what lies behind the party played by telecommunications in Hong Kong life. (Oxford University Press, 198 pages, hardcover)