GAMECO to take on helicopter work

GUANGZHOU Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Co (GAMECO) has become the first company in China to undertake heavy maintenance on helicopters.

GAMECO has been able to begin offering heavy helicopter maintenance after sending 35 of its mechanics and inspectors to courses at Jiuzhou Airport held in co-ordination with the Sikorsky Aircraft Co.

It has won contracts to perform heavy maintenance on three Sikorsky S-76As, owned by Zhuhai Helicopter Co, a subsidiary of China Southern Airlines.

Previously, general helicopter maintenance was done in Singapore or France.

GAMECO quality control director Mike Lai said: ''With the growth of the Chinese aviation industry forecast at 10 per cent a year until the end of the decade, safety and maintenance must continue to mature and grow.

''GAMECO is well positioned to handle the rapid expansion in the Pearl River delta area.'' GAMECO, a joint venture between China Southern, Hutchison China and Lockheed International, already provides certified maintenance on Boeing's 737, 757 and 767 aircraft.