MTR aims to step up courtesy

WE have some good news for those eccentric readers who like walking up and down escalators, rather than just standing still.

The MTR passengers who stubbornly stay on the left side of the escalators, blocking the way for everyone else, will be the main targets of this year's underground courtesy campaign in November, according to the MTR's assistant PR manager, Maggie So.

She said there were about 30,000 complaints and suggestions made by passengers about the MTR's services last year - summarised in a recent pamphlet entitled Staying on Track.

The booklet reveals that as well as complaining about the slippery seats and suggesting the need to introduce music on trains (sensibly believed by MTR authorities to be against the interest of the majority of passengers), some travellers have complainedthat there is no scenery.

This was a common phenomenon on any underground system, the booklet's authors observed.