Repatriate faithful Army dogs

I REFER to the article headlined, ''Dogs casualty of peace'' (South China Morning Post, July 26).

It is disgraceful that 40 dogs most being German Shepherds, who have given their country their lives, by being on border patrol, sniffing out drugs and bombs, guarding their handlers and in general doing everything that is asked of them, are going to be put down, or, in other words, be killed.

Major-General Foley, of the British Garrison, says these dogs are trained to attack. There are programmes that repatriate these animals back into society to become useful, faithful pets, guard dogs etc.

In the US our service dogs, when they are through with their tour of duty, are brought back home and most are successfully brought back to normal lives. I would like Major-General Foley to tell me why these faithful and proud animals are not even going to be given a chance.