Pollution-free lunch menu could be just what the Governor ordered

A TEAM of environment specialists have a special menu planned for Governor Chris Patten if he accepts their invitation to be guest of honour at Hong Kong's first Clean Up the World Day on September 17.

The full menu for the pollution-free lunch has yet to be finalised, but we were told by the chairman of the event, Donald Tame, there would be some very strict no, nos.

''Nothing from Park 'N Shop or Wellcome,'' he said firmly. ''They use far too much wasteful multi-packaging. No cans or bottles and certainly no red meat. In fact, it might well be fully vegetarian.'' And any rubbish left over will be sorted and recycled.

He said the ingredients would be fully organic and free-range ''and we are looking at the possibilities of using those crispy edible plate-baskets that some good Chinese restaurants make''.

''The food will be delicious,'' Donald promised, adding it would probably also fit well with the Governor's healthy diet.

Once the guests have had the lunch they will also get the T-shirt - and a booklet on pollution-free eating.

The lunch will be just one event in a day-long jamboree of games, celebrity appearances, dramas and rubbish cleanup operations in Sai Kung Country Park.

Donald said about 100 other cities would be organising activities on the same day to join in with the United Nations' event.

''The motto is to think globally and act locally - and our own aim is to show that being green can be fun as well as important,'' he said.