Against illegal dumping

THE letter headlined, ''Show us you mean business'' (South China Morning Post, July 20) seems to suggest that Government condones littering and illegal dumping.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Such dumping is the result of irresponsible behaviour, most likely on the part of villagers or developers.

Although the District Lands Office, Tai Po, will be taking measures to clean up this mess left by others, and discourage further illegal dumping at this site, nothing more can be done unless the guilty parties can be identified.

This is exactly the point made in an earlier letter, that pollution of this sort is avoidable if people would only stop to think, and pay a little more attention to their own environment.

Unfortunately there will always be a few for whom the environment is ''someone else's problem''.

With regard to mud deposited on the road in the vicinity of the Shuen Wan landfill, there are two wheel washing facilities installed on site, through which all trucks are required to go before leaving.

With more than 1,000 trucks entering and leaving daily, it has been necessary to employ additional labour to wash the entrance several times each day in order to ensure that the public road is not soiled.

Regular road sweeping and washing is also provided by the Regional Services Department.

M. C. UTTLEY for Secretary for Planning, Environment and Lands