Abortion not easy decision

I WOULD like to correct Mr Rob Penner's statement that abortions are carried out because of ''selfishness'' in his letter headlined ''The real reason for abortion'' ( South China Morning Post, August 5). Abortion is not a pleasant matter and no woman wouldtake a decision concerning a future child lightly. But there are often very good reasons for it. I will not waste time or space by listing these, but I would merely like to give the example of rape victims who have been made pregnant by their attacker.

Does Mr Penner think that if such women have an abortion, it is ''selfishness?'' If a woman does not want a baby, for whatever reason, that is her right and choice (and no, I'm not one of those raving feminists!). She may be at a critical stage in her education or career, not have enough money to support a child, etc.

Women have the right to decide what they do or do not want and children have the right to grow up in an environment filled with happiness and love, not resentment and frustration.

Mr Penner may find these unacceptable grounds for an abortion, but the plain simple fact is that the worst thing in the world is an unwanted child.