Eating on bus discouraged

WE refer to the letter by your correspondent (South China Morning Post, August 4), concerning queries on passengers carrying goods and eating on buses.

Although eating on buses is not enforced by the Government Ordinance, we do not encourage passengers to eat on board as it would cause littering problems inside bus compartments.

At present, stickers have been posted on all of our air-conditioned buses reminding passengers not to consume food and drink on buses.

Regarding the question on carrying goods, the following is quoted from the Public Bus Services Ordinance: ''On any route, a passenger may carry free of charge a package or packages of a total weight not exceeding 5 kilograms and a total volume not exceeding 0.1 cubic metre so long as such package or packages may be safely or conveniently carried.'' Your reader may well realise that there are practical difficulties in enforcing the ordinance as not every passenger is co-operative and self-disciplined.

Also, some passengers are very hostile and your reader has experienced such hostility as mentioned in his letter.

Nevertheless, please accept our apologies for your reader's unpleasant experience and be assured that all of our bus captains have been reminded to carry out their duties while at work.

WINNIE NG Public Relations Manager Kowloon Motor Bus Co. Ltd