Murder trial held up again

A THIRD witness in the Vietnamese mass murder trial in the High Court has refused to give evidence until she gets an assurance that police at Sek Kong camp during the incident are prosecuted.

Mr Justice Gall had told Pham Thi Xa, 27, several times that he had no power to negotiate with a witness.

Ms Pham said that if the judge was not willing to help, then she was not able to reciprocate. The judge ordered the Legal Aid Department to advise Ms Pham on the matter. The case was adjourned for the third time.

Two other witnesses had also sought prosecution of police whom they claimed had locked them in their huts before the riot broke out.

The case, which was in its 126th day yesterday, was to see Ms Pham testify against 13 southern Vietnamese men aged between 19 and 37 who have pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and rioting on February 3 last year, when a hut was set ablaze, killing 24 people.

The hearing continues.