Air-cons regularly maintained

I REFER to Mr Samuel Lai's letter headlined, ''Far too cold'' (South China Morning Post, August 12), about ventilation in the Po On Road and Lai Chi Kok public libraries.

The air-conditioning systems in both libraries are regularly maintained. The unsatisfactory ventilation in the students' study room of Po On Road Library, is probably due to the maintenance work now being carried out for the central air-conditioning plant of the complex. We have asked the contractor to speed up the repair work. I apologise for any inconvenience caused to our readers while maintenance work is taking place and the matter will be monitored closely.

Regarding Lai Chi Kok Library, upon inspection, the temperature of the students' study room was found to be normal. It is possible that some readers may find the room temperature a little low when the study room is not fully seated, especially in the mornings. I would like to assure your correspondent that staff members will check the temperature of the library at regular intervals and report any irregularity to the maintenance contractor for any necessary adjustment.

Should your correspondent have any further queries please feel free to contact me at 922 12691.

CHAN CHEUK-WAH Librarian (Operation)2 for Director of Urban Services