Promoting the value of parents

LOCAL publishers Skylight will introduce a monthly Chinese-language magazine for new parents.

Aptly titled Parenting, the magazine will come out in October.

To coincide with the launch and with the aid of Times Direct Marketing (TDM), the publishers will be marketing the magazine in a big way. The crux of the marketing plan will be what is known as a readers' club, according to publisher Mabel Au-Yeung.

She said: ''Advertisers and sponsors in this niche market are queueing up to get into the magazine.'' The promotion revolves around coupons and gifts available to subscribers. The value of these give-aways is claimed to substantially exceed the $300 per year subscription.

Subscribers will also receive a booklet of 30 coupons and vouchers covering a wide range of products from travel and hotel packages to toys, amusement park entrance, clothes, and stationery.