Trust in boyfriend 'misplaced'

A SALES assistant who went along with what her boyfriend said ''like a lamb'' has been sent to a training centre for possession of drugs for trafficking.

Mr Justice Saied told Lo Wai-ling, who was 17 at the time of the offence, that her trust in her boyfriend, Tang Yiu-cheung, 28, who is serving a 16-year jail term, was totally misplaced.

The judge warned young women like Lo to think carefully before getting involved with such men. He said Lo's better judgment should have told her to keep away from Tang as soon as she knew of his involvement in drugs.

The indication was that she was willing to go along with him like a lamb, with implicit trust in him.

Lo was found guilty by a High Court jury a fortnight ago of possessing 945 grams of a heroin mixture including 44.83 grams of ''ice'' for trafficking.

Her counsel, Wong Man-kit, said Lo was naive and timid. She found comfort only when she associated with Tang, a driver.

This association led to her becoming pregnant and she was forced to have an abortion because she was considered too young to get married. Counsel said she was unstable and had attempted suicide twice.

According to evidence called by Senior Crown Counsel Dennis Law, customs officers on duty in Kowloon City on June 18 last year saw Tang and Lo arrive in Hau Wong Road.

They entered a building and were stopped when they emerged hours later. They were searched and two blocks of drugs were found in Lo's handbag.