Relocation planned

I REFER to Mr H. C. Jim's letter (South China Morning Post, July 7), headlined, ''Remove foul-smelling dump''. The refuse collection point (RCP) at Sai Kai Road, Yuen Long, was set up for the convenience of residents some 20 years ago. Due to non-availability of government land, resiting of the RCP is not possible in the near future. However, under the Yuen Long Kau Hui Redevelopment Plan, the RCP will be relocated to a new site some 150 metres north of the present site, in 1996.

Meanwhile, staff of the Regional Services Department have been asked to upkeep the RCP's hygienic condition by ensuring that refuse is kept in covered bins and the refuse collection vehicles are leakage proof to minimise annoyance to nearby residents.

TSANG NIM-TONG District Hygiene Superintendent (Yuen Long) for Director of Regional Services