Police appealing for help over boy's death

INQUIRIES continued yesterday into the death of a two-year-old boy who fell from a Sha Tin building after he had been taken to kindergarten by his pregnant mother.

The injuries sustained by Wong Ming-hung suggested he fell from at least the sixth floor of the building at Greenwood Garden in Sha Kok Street, police said.

In follow-up investigations yesterday, police checked the lift to see which floor buttons the 91-centimetre boy might have been able to press.

They are believed to have virtually ruled out the theory the boy climbed over the 1.2-metre wall on the rooftop and are appealing for any witnesses who might have seen someone carrying Ming-hung near the area.

Speaking last night, the boy's father, Wong Leung-wing, 38, said he had no idea what had happened.

''I strongly believe my son would not follow a stranger therefore he might have been abducted,'' the metal worker said.


He described the events leading up to his son's death when his wife, So Shuet-mui, 39, took Ming-hung to the Greenwood Kindergarten at about 8.30 am on Tuesday.

''She stayed there for 10 minutes and saw Ming-hung playing with a tricycle at the kindergarten.

''She told teachers that she had to go early because she had to go for a pre-natal check-up at the Lek Yuen Polyclinic.

''After learning of my son's death I was told by the teachers that Ming-hung was seen parking his tricycle at 8.50 am for the 9 am class,'' Mr Wong said.


The family had been sending the boy to the kindergarten since last Wednesday to prepare him for pre-school.

''Also, because my wife is due to give birth next month I thought it would be better if someone could look after him in the morning,'' Mr Wong said.


Greenwood Kindergarten was closed yesterday. Parents had been asked not to bring their children to school.