VIP offspring springs HK concert surprise

THE territory's sizeable Filipino community will be hot-footing it to the Queen Elizabeth Stadium on Sunday to pay homage to a very special visitor.

Entertainer Jo Ramos - the singing, dancing and drumming daughter of President Fidel and First Lady Amelita Ramos will be flying into town today for a one-off concert.

Petite Jo, who has been in showbiz for more than a decade though mainly as a session singer and percussionist and backup dancer, got the best possible launch pad for her solo career earlier this year - at the Malacanang Palace.

But since then she's let her talent do the talking, and even by the strident standards of the Filipino showbiz media (especially if you're perceived to be benefiting from a favoured background) critical acclaim has been positive.

Already Jo is getting offers to spread her wings and take to acting. ''But,'' she admits, ''the concert scene is more my world.''